Are you considering starting a gelato business? Or you may simply wish to buy a gelato cart to expand your business? Apart from the classic retail sales of our products, we also offer our decades-long experience and consultancy to those who wish to start or improve their business.

Buy our gelato

Do you own or manage a bar, restaurant or any other catering facility, and would you like to offer a high quality artisan gelato to your customers? Purchase our “all flavors” brochure
Our product range includes gelato on a stick as well as fruit smoothie on a stick. We also offer the classic Sicilian Granita.
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Open a gelato sales point

If ice cream is your passion and if you would like to be part of one of the finest “Made in Italy” business sectors, we can help you create your very own ice cream sales point with our all-inclusive package.
From the choice of location, in Italy or abroad, to administration handling, we offer you our full support to start your ice cream business.
We will be with you all the way from the set-up and furnishing of the customer- facing and back office areas, all the way to machinery and production line instalment.
In order to maximise your sales potential, we include a training or refreshment course as essential elements of our all-inclusive offer,
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Gelato carts (branded or non-branded)

If you prefer to start selling gelato without a “major” investment, you can buy or rent our branded or non-branded gelato carts which are ideal for open-air parties and events. We offer personalized assistance to meet all your needs and we can also offer our gelato carts containing our products (gelato in tubs, gelato on sticks or granita siciliana)
Call (+39)045 6861804 or contact us to arrange an appointment and together we will find the best solution to suit your requirements.